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Every year since 1794 people have gathered together in Mt Sterling, Kentucky, to buy, sell or trade goods.  The excitement starts on Friday and ends on the 3rd Monday of October.  Just once a year does this four day event take place with around 200,000 people coming  to shop with the 1500 vendors who set up to sell.  The event was named Court Day when it started in 1794. Once a year, at this time, the Circuit Judge would come to town and try criminals. People would come from miles around to sell their crops, trade horses and mules, swap goods and services.  Guns and knives were among the top items traded and sold during these tough days in the frontier. Now more than 200 years later the October Court Day Festival is still going strong and features guns, knives, antiques, flea market items and every kind of food imaginable.  This is truly the largest outdoor festival in Ky. and we hope you will make plans to come!


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